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Regular version of the site



  • Introduction to the profession (Prof. A. Kamenskii, Prof. I. Savelieva, Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • History of 19th-20th c. Social Sciences and Humanities (Dr. A. Dmitriev)
  • History of Pre-modern Science (Dr. J. Ivanova)
  • Theory and History of Culture (Dr. J. Ivanova)
  • History of Italian literature (Prof. M. Andreev)
  • Source study and resources of information for a historian (Prof. A. Kamenskii)
  • Russian history of the 18th century (Prof. A. Kamenskii)
  • Problems of the Russian history and historiography of the 18th century (Prof. A. Kamenskii)
  • Modernization of Russia in the 18th - first half of the 19th century: people, power and society (Prof. A. Kamenskii)
  • History and historical memory (Prof. A. Kamenskii)
  • History of Early Modern and Modern Popular Representations (Dr. K. Levinson)
  • History of Great Britain (Prof. L. Repina)
  • Cultural and Intellectual History of Early Modern and Modern Europe (Prof. L. Repina)
  • Social History in the Contemporary Historiography (Prof. L. Repina)
  • Gender Studies in History: Theory and Practice (Prof. L. Repina)
  • Types of Knowledge in Historical Retrospective (Dr. P. Rezvyh)
  • The history of political philosophy (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • History of Historical Science (Prof. I. Savelieva)
  • Problems of historical knowledge (Prof. I. Savelieva)
  • History of the science of history (Prof. I. Savelieva)
  • Academic Writing: Mainland-European Tradition (P. Sokolov)
  • Structure of a scientific text (P. Sokolov)
  • Political history of Russian Empire (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • Everyday life of a provincial town in the Nineteenth-Century Russia (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • Visual anthropology of Russian Empire (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • University culture in Russian Empire (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • Technology of research work of a historian (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • History of painting and museum culture in Russia in the 18th-19th century (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • Introduction to history and practice of university culture (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)
  • Visual technologies of constructing of the "Russian people" (the second half of the 18th - the first half of the 19th century) (Prof. E. Vishlenkova)



  • History of world philosophy (Prof. A. Rutkevich, Dr. P. Rezvyh)
  • Philosophy of science (Prof. A. Rutkevich)
  • Social philosophy (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • Philosophy of law (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • Thomas Hobbes' "Leviathan" (Prof. A. Filippov)



  • A historical introduction into theoretical sociology (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • Sociology of space (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • The codification of sociological knowledge and the theoretical logic in sociology (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • Main problems of sociology (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • The system theory in sociology: from T. Parsons to N. Luhmann (Prof. A. Filippov)
  • Reading, writing, everyday experience: sociological analysis of literature (Dr. I. Kaspe)
  • Sociology of culture (Dr. B. Stepanov)


Modern Culture

  • Literature as a cultural practice (Dr. I. Kaspe)
  • Descriptive languages for Soviet period: everyday life (Dr. I. Kaspe)
  • Cinema in the 20th century culture (Dr. N. Samutina)
  • Problems of current importance in cinema studies (Dr. N. Samutina)
  • Culture in contemporary Western societies: institutional analysis (Dr. N. Samutina, Dr. B. Stepanov)
  • The practices of contemporary culture in the context of the theory of modernity (Dr. N. Samutina)
  • Modern politics and media: values, symbols, ideologies (Dr. B. Stepanov)
  • Culture and politics in the humanities (20th century) (Dr. B. Stepanov)
  • Introduction into cultural studies (Dr. B. Stepanov)
  • (Post)modern city: theories and investigation tactics (Dr. O. Zaporozhets)
  • Basic analytic procedures of a grounded theory: practical training (Dr. O. Zaporozhets)



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