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M. A. Program in 'History of Knowledge'

Field — History

Duration — 2 years

Certificate of degree — M.A. in History


About the program

Master’s degree program is intended for the students that strive to get strong professional training essential to becoming contributing agents in contemporary society, where knowledge production, reproduction, translation and expertise are playing a pivotal role. The primary goal of the program is to provide students with a systematic perspective and to expose them to a broad array of practices and methodologies in the history of various types of knowledge, its production, translation, and reception. What makes the program distinctive is the combination of innovative courses, variety of ways to implement the results of students’ research work, and the project based format of education. The educational process conforms to our basic purpose to train competent experts in the history of ideas and scientific, educational, media and expert institutions.

The structure of the program is threefold:

  • History of different types of knowledge (from everyday knowledge to specialized forms of knowledge, such as arts, scientia, religion, philosophy, ideology, law)
  • History of institutions producing and translating knowledge (school, university, academy, collegium, seminarium, college etc.);
  • History of forms and means of scientific communication (dispute, lecture, book, review, correspondence, preaching etc.)


List of courses:

Sociology of Knowledge

Philosophy of History

Socio-historical Analysis of Economic Knowledge

Scientific Text Structure

Academic Writing: Mainland-European Tradition

Theory and History of Culture

Historical Textual Criticism

History of Natural Knowledge in the Context of Cultural and Practical Activity

History of Historical Science

History of the 19th and 20th centuries. Social Sciences and Humanities

History of Pre-modern Science

Types of Knowledge in Historical Retrospective

History of Early Modern and Modern Popular Representations

Power and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe

Politics of Knowledge in the 19th and 20th centuries

Comparative History of Hermeneutics (Russia and Western Europe)

History of Translation

Institutional History of Education in Russia

University and Academy in European and American History

History of Scientific Communication and Means of Knowledge Translation in Russia

Comparative History of Intellectual Communities

Research Workshops



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