Center for University Studies

Center focuses on developing of the interdisciplinary field – university studies.

Undoubtedly, University has already been investigated by Russian historians and sociologists but till recently it was regarded as one of numerous issues in social, political or intellectual history, sociology of science and education. Transformation of the study of the University into a special discipline makes it possible to bring further light on the topic due to:

1. broad interpretation of the object regarded as the whole complex of displays covering university life and activity;

2. application of compound middle-ranged theories and interdisciplinary methods adapted for analysis of highly reflective society and heterogeneous objects;

3. specialization and cooperation of scientists providing critical positions for discussion and verification of results.



Culture of Memory in Russian University: Mechanisms of Formation and Preservation (CFR HSE, 2012)

University as a Corporation: Transformation of the Institution in the XIX-XXIth centuries (CFR HSE, 2011)

Classical University: Tradition and Novelty (CFR HSE, 2010)