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Development of Modern Social Sciences and Humanities

"Nature” and “Technology” in the History of Social Sciences and Humanities: Interdisciplinary Transfers and Syntheses (CFR HSE, 2018)

"Axial Ages" in the History of Humanities: from Early Modern Times to the Present (CFR HSE, 2017)

The Past as a Resource for the Human and Social Theory (CFR HSE, 2016)

Institutions and Academic Communities: Factors of Dynamics of Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge (CFR HSE, 2013)

Formation of Human and Social Sciences in Russia: scientific models circulation and Russian-European relations (XIX–early XX century)
(CERCEC — EHESS, 2010-2013)

Research and educational group for Social Studies of Economic Knowledge (SF HSE, 2012)

Formation of a Disciplinary Field in Social Sciences and Humanities (CFR HSE, 2011)

Presence and Absence of Russia in International Social Sciences and Humanities (2008)

Models of Formation and Development of the Modern Social Sciences and the Humanities (CFR SU-HSE, 2008)

Classics in the Modern Social Sciences and the Humanities (RSFH, 2006-2007)

Social Sciences and the Humanities in the University: Research and Education (2003-…)

A Garden of Scholarly Joys. Festscrift for Prof. Savelieva's Anniversary / Ed. by Dmitriev A.N., Samutina N.V., Vishlenkova E.A.  HSE, 2017. – 348 p.

Humanities: History of a Discipline / Edited volume. Ed. by Savelieva I. M., Dmitriev A.N. HSE, 2015. – 486 p.

Non-Classical Heritage. Andrei Poletayev / Ed. I. Savelieva. M.: ID VShE, 2011. – 704 p.

Savelieva I. M., Poletayev A. V. Classical Heritage. Moscow: GU-VShE, 2010. 336 p.

Axer J., Savelieva I. (eds.). National Social Sciences and the Humanities in the World Context: Russia and Poland. Moscow: GU–VShE, 2010. – 368 p.

Humanistyca krajowa w kontekście światowym: doświadczenie Polski i Rosji. Red. Jerzy Axer i Irina Sawieliewa. W., wyd. DG, 2011 (Polish translation of the latter).

Savelieva I. M., Poletayev A. V. (eds.). Classics in the Modern Social Sciences and the Humanities. Moscow: NLO, 2009. – 536 p.

Research and Education

Academic Time: Temporal Modes of Russian University Culture (19th-20th cc.) (CFR HSE, 2018)

The Ages of Learning: The Cultural Construction of Old Age, Youth, and Generations at Russian Universities between the 18th and the 20th centuries (CFR HSE, 2016)

Experts and Expert Institutions: History of Research (Self)evaluation at the Russian Universities of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
(CFR HSE, 2016)

The Criteria of Scientificity and Effectiveness in the Humanities: the History of Professional Conventions in Russia and the Soviet Union (CFR HSE, 2015)

Academic Attestation and Degree Awards at European Universities in the Modern Era (CFR HSE, 2014)

Culture of Memory in Russian University: Mechanisms of Formation and Preservation (CFR HSE, 2012)

University as a Corporation: Transformation of the Institution in the XIX-XXIth centuries (CFR HSE, 2011)

Classical University: Tradition and Novelty (CFR HSE, 2010) 

Russian/Soviet Empire of Knowledge: Educational and Research Practices in (Supra)National Dimensions, 1890-1940 (2010-2012) 

Problems of the Contemporary Russian Higher Education (2003-…)

University Tradition: a Resource or Burden? / Ed. by R. Sani and E. Vishlenkova // History of Education and Children’s Literature. 2014. Vol. IX. No 1. P. 177-339

Vishlenkova E., Savelieva I. (eds.). 
Russian Professors, the Makers of Statuses and MeaningsM.: ID VShE, 2013.

Dmitriev A. N. (ed.). Essays on the History of Educational and Scientific Policy in the Russian Empire and the USSR. M.: NLO, 2012. – 896 p.

Vishlenkova E., Galiulina R., Ilina K. Russian Professors: University Corporation Or Professional Solidarity. M.: NLO, 2012. – 656 p.

Maurer T., Dmitriev A. (eds.). Russian University and City in the Beginning of the XXth Century. M.: NLO, 2009. – 320 p.
Forms of Knowledge About the Past

The Humanities as Socio-Political Projects (XIX-early XX century) (CFR HSE, 2016)

Urban imagery in the systems of communication (from XV to XXI century) (CFR HSE, 2015)

The Construction of the Past and Forms of Historical Culture in Contemporary Urban Spaces (CFR HSE, 2014)

Historical Culture in Russia in the 18th-19th Centuries: Formation of Representations of the Past (2009–2010)

Expert Knowledge and Popular Representations: The Mechanisms of Formation and Interrelation (CFR SU-HSE, 2007)

Les formes de la connaissance du passé (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, France, 2004–2005) 

Representations of the Past as a Factor of Social Integration (RSFH, 2003—2004)

Historical Culture of the Russian Empire: Formation of Representation of the Past / Ed. A.N. Dmitriev. M.: ID VShE, 2012. – 552 p.

Vishlenkova E. A. Visual Ethnography in an Empire, or 'Not Everyone Can Discern a Russian'. M.: NLO, 2011. – 384 p.

Savelieva I. M., Poletayev A. V. Social Representations of the Past, or Do Americans Know History. Moscow: NLO, 2008. – 456 p.  

Repina L. P. (ed.). Dialogues with Time: Memory of the Past in Historical Context. Moscow: Krug', 2008. – 800 p.

Repina L. P. (ed.). Time - History - Memory: Historical Consciousness in Cultural Space. Moscow: IVI RAN, 2007. – 320 p.

Repina L. P. (ed.). History and Memory: European Historical Culture Before the Modern Age. Moscow: Krugh, 2006. – 768 p.

Savelieva I. M., Poletayev A. V. (eds.). Phenomenon of the Past. Moscow: GU-VShE, 2005. – 476 p.

Savelieva I. M., Poletayev A. V. Knowledge About the Past: Theory and History. 2 vols. Saint Petersburg: Nauka, 2003–2006. – 632 p.; 751 p.

History of European

Giambattista Vico's New Science between Theology and Sociology (CFR HSE, 2015-2016)

Historical Reflexivity of Medicine: from ars medica of early Modernity to positivist "scientisation" (CFR HSE, 2015)

Political Dimension of the Illegitimate Argument in Language and Text  Studies (SF HSE, 2013)

Objectivity, reliability and fact in European scholarship of Early Modern period: historical reconstruction and ways of reception (RSFH, 2012–2014)

The Many Faces of Sophistic: Illegitimate Argumentation in European Intellectual Culture of Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times (SF HSE, 2010-2011)

Polemic Strategies and Means of Argumentation in Philosophy, Theology and Science of the Western Europe in the XIII–XVI Centuries (RSFH, 2009–2010)

Historical Self-Consciousness of the Humanities in the 13th – 16th Centuries (RSFH, 2008-2010)

Classical Tradition and Authority in Social Dimension, (scientific and educational project, 2009–2010) 

Commentary in Culture: History and Contemporaneity (2005-2007)

Investigations on Giambattista Vico in the Third Millenium. New Perspectives from Brazil, Italy, Japan and Russia (Mosca, 2931/05/ 2013) / Eds. F. Lomonaco, J. Ivanova. Roma: Aracne editrice, 2014.

Rezvykh P. V., Ziche P. Sygkepleriazein. Schelling und die Kepler-Rezeption im 19. Jahrhundert. Stuttgart: Fromann-Holzboog, 2013. — 299 S.

Ivanova J. (ed.). Polemical Culture and the Structure of Scientific Texts in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times .
 M.: ID VShE, 2012– 495 p.

Ivanova J., Sokolov P. Besides Descartes: Reflections on the Method in the Intellectual Culture of Early Modern Europe. M.: Kvadriga, 2011. – 304 p.

Fayer V. V. Alexandrian Philology and Homeric Hexameter. M.: Pozharsky University, 2010. – 255 p.

Ivanova J. V., Rutkevich A. M. (eds.). Culture of Interpretation before the Modern Time. Moscow: GU-VShE, 2009. – 463 p.

Andreev M. L. Italian Literature. Themes and Characters. Moscow: RGGU, 2008. – 415 p.

Andreev M. L. (ed.). History of Italian Literature.
Vol. 2. Renaissance. Book 1. The Century of Humanism. Moscow: IMLI RAN, 2007.
– 720 p.
Vol. 2. Renaissance. Book 2. Il Cinquecento. Moscow: IMLI RAN, 2010. – 720 p.  

Cultural Studies

Participatory culture: Communities and Practices (CFR 2017)

Graffiti and Street Art in Cultural Space of the Megalopolis
(SF HSE, 2012)

Status of a Document in Contemporary Culture: Theoretical Problems and Russian Social and Cultural Practices (RSFH, 2010–2012)

People and Public Space in Contemporary Moscow: a Research of Cultural Transformations (Case study: State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno) (SF HSE, 2010–2011)

Challenging Problems of Contemporary Cinema Studies (2005–...)

Kaspe I.M. (ed.). Status of the Document. M.: NLO, 2013. – 408 p.

Samutina N. V. (ed.). Science-Fiction Cinema. Episode One. Moscow: NLO, 2006. – 408 p.

Sociological StudiesProjects of the Center for Fundamental Sociology

Filippov A. F. Sociology of Space. Saint Petersburg: Vladimir Dal', 2008. 285 p.

Filippov A. F. (ed.). Sociological Theory: History, Modernity, Perspectives. Saint Petersburg: Vladimir Dal', 2008. 831 p.


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