PROJECTS University as a corporation: transformation of the institution in the XIX-XXIth centuries (CFR, HSE, 2011) Head of the project: Prof. Elena A. Vishlenkova (IGITI HSE)

The project is aimed at identifying formation, purification and preservation university memory mechanisms which existed in XVIII-XX centuries in Russia and by now determine understanding of the historical mission of national university.

Research tasks:

1. To conduct a revision of existing research approaches to the study of universities and to develop a framework for analyzing the topic on the basis of the relevant research data;

2. To reveal specifics of the university statements production, that is the building material for the university discourse;

3. To restore ideological and political context, which defines criteria for the "inclusion-exclusion" statements in the body of discourse;

4. To trace the selection logic of archived statements, that is, the state memory policy in Russian universities.

The study of devoted to Russian universities scientific publications as a set of case texts allows to evaluate the university community strongly pronounced tendency to "samokommentirovanie" (self-commenting) and reflection, to find connection between the discourses produced and historiographic concepts, to understand the origin of thematic gaps and to identify the matrix of domestic academic tradition description.

We act on the premise that the discrete state of historical research topic is largely a consequence of the researchers and sources relationship reflexivity absence, the result of the statements and evidence production, organization and storage specificity ignoring in university environment, i. e. university memory problem development absence. In this respect, the rapidly growing field of cultural memory study almost didn’t affect Russian university studies.

We strive to carefully consider university ‘doxa’ and understand what it hides, and admits. We are interested not only in survived sources evidence, but in the features of knowledge production about the university in general, mental and verbal categories in which it described itself in the reports and is described in the studies. Of particular interest is the nonpronounced of academic life; topics camouflaged by ‘doxa’. Other perspective of university consideration here is its social contextualization - description in terms of integration into existing modes of social structure and the nomination.

To perform the study it is intended to organize a virtual lab. Within the lab master's degree students will be trained to educate themselves and first year undergraduate students  of oral history methodology and its use of memoir interviewing HSE teachers of history, philology and philosophy departments, and other Russian universities teachers of similar professions. The study of biographical data, research studies and earlier interviews (if any), the procedure of interviewing and further analysis of the data would allow to actualize impressions and statements deposited in the collective memory selection issue.



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