PROJECTS Classical University: Tradition and Novelty (CFR HSE, 2010) Head of the project: Prof. Elena A. Vishlenkova


The purpose of the project is deconstruction of the ‘classical’ (i. e. ‘positive’) tradition for the Russian university. It means the analysis of

  • corporative rhetoric and languages of (self)description;
  • examination of principle characteristics of the ideal model of the university; 
  • criteria of the ‘classical’ applied to Russian university as compared with Western university.

Three case studies are chosen for the analysis:

  • imperial universities of the first half of the XIXth century;
  • the Soviet universities of the 1910-1920th;
  • Post-Soviet universities of the 2000th. 

Up to now studies of academic life and innovative potential of the Russian university defined as ‘classical’ were carried out in a dramatically diversed disciplinary languages. Given research project seeks to correlate various research approaches to the object (as historical phenomenon, social phenomenon, mean of political manipulation, or ‘locus’ of production and dissemination of knowledge), elaborated in history, sociology, political and science studies. Besides, novelty of the project is defined by intention to study Russian university in long-term prospect – 250 years – to track evolution of principles of its identification.


Works published:

  • Books

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  • Articles

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