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Andrey Poletaev Memorial Readings 2016

Event ended

The program of Andrey Poletaev Memorial Readings 2016

Natural Sciences and Humanities: a New Interaction (Dis)Order

Myasnitskaya 9/11, HSE, Moscow

September 9, 2016


10 a.m. Conference opening. Introduction remarks by Irina Savelyeva, director of IGITI (room 518)


Plenary Session 1. Sciences on Human Nature: Classical Landscape (room 518)


Pavel Sokolov (IGITI). Rhetoric, Medicine and Сivilis Stientia after Machiavelli

Elena Vishlenkova (IGITI). Russian Empire as an Interdisciplinary Object for Medical Research (18th — Second Half of the 19th Century)

11 a.m. Coffee Break


11.45 a.m. Plenary Session 2. Strict Science in Historical Methodological Perspective (room 518)

Karl Hall (Central European University, Budapest). Boris Hessen, History of Science and Establishing the Sociology of Knowledge in Europe (in English)

Cornelius Borck (University of Lübeck, Germany). Neuroscience: New Adventures of an Old Topic (in English)


1 p.m. Lunch

2 p.m. — 5 p.m. Panel Sessions


Panel Session 1. Renaissance Anthropology and Its Traditions (room 508)

Elena Berger (Sechenov MGPU). The Borders of Medicine and Surgery by Antoine Pare and His Contemporaries

Yulia Ivanova (IGITI). Historical Geography of Medicine vs. Geopolitics in the Works by Prospero Alpini

Pavel Sokolov (IGITI). Missing Link: Embryological Interpretation of Natural Condition by Pieter and Johan de la Court

Petr Rezvykh (IGITI). F. V. J. Schelling and Romantic Medicine


Panel Session 2. On That Side of the Synthesis of Sciences: Practical Goals and Objective Knowledge (room 518)

Igor Dmitriev (SPbGU). The Science of Enlightened Bureaucracy (St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in the First Decades of Its Existence)

Sergey Zatravkin (RAMN). The Concept of Medical Police: Origin and Implementation in the 18th — Second Half of the 19th Century


5 p.m. Plenary Session 3. Between Human Choice and Natural Order (room 508)

Olga Sveshnikova (University of Bremen, Germany). Archeology between Physicists and Lyricists: Half Century of (Mis)Understanding 

Anastasia Bonch-Osmolovskaya (HSE). Digital Text: Approaches and Opportunities 

Galin Tikhanov (IGITI & Queen Mary University, London). Strict literary criticism from Boris Yarho till Franco Moretti


Closing Discussion 

6. 30 p.m. Coffee Break