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Ellen Rutten's interview in HSE News

Ellen Rutten's interview in HSE News
In September, IGITI Research Centre for Contemporary Culture held a seminar ‘Analysing “informal” practices in (digital) cultural economies’. The talk was presented by Dr Ellen Rutten, Professor of Literature at the University of Amsterdam. See an interview with HSE News, in which Dr Rutten spoke about Sublime Imperfections project, her other current research work, and ongoing collaboration with HSE and IGITI.

Russian Sincerity Today – A Conversation with Professor Ellen Rutten

On May 23, Ellen Rutten, Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at the University of Amsterdam, delivered a lecture at HSE on her new book, ‘Sincerity after Communism’. An expert on Slavonic literature and culture, Professor Rutten is involved in numerous projects, including the Digital Emotions group, Sublime Imperfections, and ‘Russian Literature’, a journal where she serves as editor-in-chief.

Interview with Dr Emily Alane Erken

Dmitri Tcherniakov’s production of Eugene Onegin at the Bolshoi Theatre
An interview with Dr Emily Alane Erken (PhD, Lecturer at School of Music, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio) has been published on the HSE website. On October 21, Emily presented a paper “The Classic in the Contemporary: Opera Fans’ Online War for Russia’s Soul” on the Research Center for Contemporary Culture Academic Seminar.