Participatory Culture and Fan Studies

Curator – Natalia Samutina

The concept of participatory culture, introduced into research practices by Henry Jenkins in 1992, is comparatively less known in Russian cultural studies. Meanwhile, this concept not only proved to be heuristically productive during the last 25 years, but it is also of vital importance for Russia where the barriers between institutionalized ‘highbrow’ culture and other forms of creativity are particularly strong. Russian participatory cultures are flourishing on the Internet, be it fandoms, rap music or different communities of practice on social networks, such as groups of mothers collecting children’s books or underground communities of graffiti writers. Russian participatory cultures are also very well connected to transcultural flows on global level; such phenomena as manga scanlations and anime fansubbing can serve as telling examples. At our centre we work on establishing the field of research on participatory culture in Russia, supporting this concept as well as many possible directions of research, methodologies and methods conserning participatory culture and fan works. One of the most noticeable pathways here is the introduction of contemporary fan studies into Russian academy through fan studies-related courses, public lectures and interviews; another one is the production of body of works on fandoms, fans, fan activities and products of their transformative reception. The members of our research centre actively participate in international conferences and events on fan studies; we have established good international connections with colleagues in the field.



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 Natalia Samutina. Fans, communities, audiences: how we study participatory cultures

Conferences and Projects

International conference “Challenges of Participatory Culture: Methodologies and Perspectives of Research” (2016, May 12–13, Moscow) 

Research Project “Participatory Culture: Communities and Practices” (HSE, 2017–2018). Russian site of the project