IGITI researchers participated in the conference of the Italian Association of Public History

Irina Savelieva, Boris Stepanov, Kirill Levinson and Alexandra Kolesnik have organized a panel "Shaping Public History in Russia: Forms, Places and Media" at the second conference of the Italian Association of Public History. The conference took place in Pisa, on June 11-15.

The panel "Shaping Public History in Russia: Forms, Places and Media" was dedicated to characteristic aspects of public history forms in Russia, from educational programmes to representations of the past in popular culture. Irina Savelieva presented a paper "“What is the Public History You Could Ask? We Have Yet to Figure It Out Ourselves!” Establishment of Educational Programs on Public History in Russia", which analysed existing master programmes in public history in Russia. Kirill Levinson's talk "Private Military Museums in Today’s Russia" dwelt upon private history museums in Russia (discussed on the cases of Technical museum, Local history museum in Pogoreloye Gorodishche and GULAG Museum in Moscow). Boris Stepanov delivered a paper "“Be Kind Rewind”: Soviet Space Flights on the Post-Soviet Screen", which demonstated how space exploration is constructed in contemporary Russian cinema. Alexandra Kolesnik in her talk "Tsoi Memorial Sites: Rethinking Soviet History of the 1980s through Musical Past" explained how memorial places devoted to lead singer on a soviet rock group "Kino" Victor Tsoi enable creation of new images of the late soviet past.

See the conference programme and abstracts of the panel's papers.