Poletaev Institute researchers at ASEEES annual conference

Poletaev Institute researchers Irina Savelyeva, Boris Stepanov, Kirill Levinson, Olesya Kirchik, Alexander Dmitriev, Alexandra Kolesnik, and Daria Khlevnyuk presented at the 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of East European, Eurasian and Slavonic Studies (ASEEES), held in New Orleans (USA) in person on November 18-20 and online on December 1-3, 2021.

This year's conference was dedicated to the theme "Diversity, intersections, interdisciplinarity".
Kirill Levinson presented a paper "Translator's Angst: Towards Translation and Usage Issues in Russian Freudianism", which examines the causes and consequences of discrepancies in the translation of some of the most important concepts of classical psychoanalysis from German and English into Russian.
Olesya Kirchik presented on "A Sociological View of the Russian 'Neoliberal' Moment: Paths to Power of Soviet Reformist Economists" in the session "Peripheral Liberalism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Market Economists during 2000 during the Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000" (supervised by Prof. David Engerman, Yale University).
Alexander Dmitriev took part in the round table "The Oeuvre of Vladimir Sharov: Beyond History".
Irina Savelyeva, Boris Stepanov, Daria Khlevnyuk, and Alexandra Kolesnik spoke at the section "Contemporary Historical Culture in Russia: Media, Local Practices, and Communities Communities" (led by Mikhail Gabovich, Einstein Forum, Berlin). Irina Savelyeva presented a paper "Personal Story vs Great Narrative: World War II Diaries from the Website 'Prozhito'", Daria Khlevnyuk – "'Reframing' Repressions: Memories of the Great Patriotic War and Stalin's Repressions in Russian Regional Museums Museums", Alexandra Kolesnik – “Popular Music as Cultural Heritage: Memory of the Leningrad Rock Club in St. Petersburg", Boris Stepanov – "The Debates about the Panfilov's 28 Men in Russian Glossy Historical Periodicals".