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Working Papers in English, Series: Humanities

Adrian Selin,Kuzma Kukushkin, Ivan Sablin, Elena Kocheryagina, "Regimes of the Russian–Swedish Border in the Novgorod Lands", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 149/HUM/2017

Alexander Dobrokhotov "The Revolutions of 1917 in the Philosophy of the Russian Symbolism", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 148/HUM/2017

Andrey Yu. Vinogradov,"Intrenational Postion of Christian Alania in the 10th Century", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 147/HUM/2017

Andrey Yu. Vinogradov, "History of Christianity in Alania Before 932", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 146/HUM/2017

Anna E. Afanasyeva, "Explaining and Managing Epidemics in Imperial Contexts: Russian Responses to Plague in the Kazakh Steppe in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 145/HUM/2017

Anastasia M. Ivanova"Traits of Negative and Positive Discrimination in the Relationships between Coptic Community and Muslim Authorities of Medieval Egypt", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 144/HUM/2017

Elena Kochetkova, David Damtar, Lilia Boliachevets, Polina Slyusarchuk, Julia Lajus, "Soviet Technological Projects and Technological Aid in Africa and Cuba, 1960s-1980s", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 143/HUM/2017

Ivan Sablin, "Towards the First Far Eastern Republic: Regionalism, Socialism, and Nationalism in Pacific Russia, 1905–1918", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 142/HUM/2017

Kirill A. Levinson, "Changing Historical Cultures, Changing Appraisals of Baltic Germans’ Place in Latvia’S History", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 141/HUM/2016 (PDF, 475 Кб)

Raisa Akifyeva, "Child-Rearing Practices of Russian-Speaking Women from a Migration Perspective", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 140/HUM/2016 (PDF, 464 Кб)

Mikhail Pogorelov, "Degeneration and “Socially Dangerous” in Late Imperial Russia Psychiatry", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 139/HUM/2016 (PDF, 539 Кб)

Margarita I. Kuleva, "Old Factories, New Stakhanovites: Moscow Contemporary Art-Centres as Workplaces", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 138/HUM/2016 (PDF, 621 Кб)

Elena Korchmina, "The Circulation of Information About the Poll Tax Revenues as an Indicator of Russian Empire Undergoverness in the in the 18th Century", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 137/HUM/2016 (PDF, 520 Кб)

Elena Korchmina, Igor Fedyukin, "Routine Corruption in Russia During the Reigns of Catherine Ii and Alexander I", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 136/HUM/2016 (PDF, 910 Кб)

Olga V. Klimova, "«A Monologue About Foreign Ships» by Sugita Genpaku", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 135/HUM/2016 (PDF, 514 Кб)

Oleg Morozov, "Wilhelm Von Humboldt and Berlin University: a New Look at the Origin of the Humboldt Myth", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 134/HUM/2016 (PDF, 515 Кб)

Maiia Lavrinovich, "The Concept of ‘Friendship’ in Late 18th – Early 19th Century Russia: Social Cohesion Reconsidered", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 133/HUM/2016 (PDF, 687 Кб)

Igor Fedyukin, "The "German Party" in Russia in the 1730s: Exploring the Ideas of the Ruling Faction", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 132/HUM/2016 (PDF, 687 Кб)

Victor V. Gorbatov, "Why Don'T 2d Jokes Fall Flat? A Two-Dimensional Interpretation of Russell'S Joke About the Yachts", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 131/HUM/2016 (PDF, 374 Кб)

Andrei M. Korbut, "Electronic Health Records and Clinical Routines: Convergence and Divergence", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 130/HUM/2016 (PDF, 420 Кб)

Leonid E. Gorizontov, "The Writers as Popularizers of the Knowledge About the Slavic Peoples. The Case of Multivolume “Picturesque Russia” in the Last Quarter Of the XIX Century", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 129/HUM/2016 (PDF, 294 Кб)

Oksana Zaporozhets, "Subway And Digital Porosity Of The City", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 128/HUM/2016 (PDF, 549 Кб)

Andrey Yu. Vinogradov, "Two Hagiographic Notes St. Simon – Apostle of Cimmerian Bosporus?", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 127/HUM/2016 (PDF, 657 Кб)

Ekaterina Boltunova, "Russian Imperial Space of Power in the First Post-Revolution Decade (1917 – Late 1920s)", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 126/HUM/2016 (PDF, 1.32 Мб)

Lev Maciel, "Ukrainian Architecture in 18th Century Russia: How and Why?", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 125/HUM/2016

Ivan A. Karpenko,  "What is Time in Some Modern Physics Theories: Interpretation Problems", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 124/HUM/2016

Igor Fedyukin, "Towards the Panopticon: School Building and Discipline in Early Modern Russia", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 123/HUM/2016

Igor Fedyukin, "Westernizations” from Peter I to Meiji: War, Political Competition, and Reform", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 122/HUM/2016

Alexei Gloukhov, "Free Speech in Plato’S Gorgias", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 121/HUM/2016

Arseniy D. Kumankov, "Minimal Justice and Regime Change in Brian Orend’S Political Ethics",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 120/HUM/2016

Alexandra A. Sizova, "The Political Role of the Russian Consulates in Mongolia in the Mongolian National Liberation Movement in the Early 20th Century",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 119/HUM/2016

Nina Grigoreva, "The Muong Epics of ‘The Birth of the Earth and Water’ in a Viet-Muong Comparative Perspective: An Alternative Vision of the Common Past", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 118/HUM/2015

Margarita M. Dadykina, Alexei V. Kraikovski, Julia A. Lajus, "Hunting Activities of Russian Pomors on Spitsbergen in the 18th Century: New Evidences in Transnational Perspective",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 117/HUM/2015

Igor A. Khristoforov,   "Professors and Bankers: Russia’S State Bank Charters of 1860 and 1894, Economic Expertise and Public Opinion", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 116/HUM/2015

Andrey A. Iserov, "Declarations of Independence of the United States and the Spanish American Nations: Towards a Comparative Analysis", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 115/HUM/2015
Olga Antineskul, Marina Sheveleva,  "Teachers’ Perceptions Towards Bec Exams in Russia: A Qualitative Study",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 114/HUM/2015

Olga Stognieva, "Individualised Resources: Definition and Efficiency in the Russian Efl Classroom",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 113/HUM/2015

Natalia V. AlferovaAnna V. Tarasenko, "Chinese Export Painting in the Collection of the National Library of Russia",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 112/HUM/2015

Svetlana A. Ryabova, "Investigating Modernity Through the Lens of a Recreation Venue: Pleasure Gardens in Late Imperial St. Petersburg and Moscow",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 111/HUM/2015

Elizaveta Blagodeteleva, "The French Bar and the Emerging Legal Profession in Russia",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 110/HUM/2015

Sergey L. Katrechko, "Transcendental Analysis of Mathematics: The Transcendental Constructivism (Pragmatism) as the Program of Foundation of Mathematics",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 109/HUM/2015

Ekaterina O. Starikova, "Sinitic Traits in Viet and Muong Song Lore",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 108/HUM/2015

Iuliia O. Papushina, "Is Opera Attendance Fashionable? The Case of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 107/HUM/2015

Elena A. Kochetkova, "Stalin`s Inventors: Leonid Zherebov and Soviet Pulp Industry, the 1940s-1960s", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 106/HUM/2015

Maria A. Grafova
, "The Decorations in the Left Aisle of Santa Maria Antiqua within the Context of the Political History of the Iconoclastic Era.", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 105/HUM/2015

Alexandra Kolesnik, "Images of the Past in British Popular Music of the 1960s: ‘Relevant History’ of the Kinks", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 104/HUM/2015

Raisa N. Akifyeva, "Children and Parents in the Migration Context: Dissonant or Consonant Trajectories", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 103/HUM/2015

Tonya V. Manucharova, "Truth of Taste: The Depth of Relativism", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 102/HUM/2015

Valerij Goušchin, "Democracy and Aristocracy in Ancient Athens: Deformation or Adaptation",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 101/HUM/2015

Anastasia V. Shalaeva, "The Scientific Study of Myth: Romantic Account of Symbolism and Mythology", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 100/HUM/2015

Natalia Samutina, "Emotional Landscapes of Reading",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 99/HUM/2015

Ivan Karpenko, "The Concept of the Space Interpretation Problem in Some of the Modern Physics Multiverse Hypotheses",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 98/HUM/2015

Vladimir V. Fayer, "Russian Hexameter in Contemporary Translations from Greek and Latin",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 97/HUM/2015

Maria V. Rumiantseva, "Compensation-Theory in the Context of Classical and Contemporary Conception of Modernization Process: Dualistic Model of Modernity, Proposed by Odo Marquard and Hermann Lübbe",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 96/HUM/2015

Nikita A. Vul, “The Cradle of Chaos: Metamorphosis of Chinese Elite, 1850s–1900s”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 95/HUM/2015

Anastasia V. Yastrebtseva, "The Doctrine of Public Education of Condorcet in Light of the Discussion on Women'S Rights and Slavery at the Beginning of the Third Republic",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 94/HUM/2015

Greg B. Yudin, “Alfred Schütz'S Sociology as a Naive Science”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 93/HUM/2015

Pavel V. Sokolov, “Crimen Extrajudiciale: Ethics of Plagiarism and Erudite Sociability in J. Thomasius and J. C. Schwartz”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 92/HUM/2015

Petr V. Rezvykh, “The Moscow Pastor Sederholm and the Reception of the Philosophy of the German Idealism in Russia”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 91/HUM/2015

Elena V. Gabrielova, “Implicit and Explicit Ways of Expressing Personal Opinion on Twitter: The Tea Party Movement in the USA”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 90/HUM/2015 

Alexander Dobrokhotov, “Descartes and Dostoyevski: Two Modes of ‘Cogito’“, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 89/HUM/2015  

Elena Dragalina – Chernaya, “The Roots Of Logical Hylomorphism”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 88/HUM/2015  

Larisa L. Shpakovskaya, “Becoming A Good Mother: Responsibility Between State, Experts And Mothers In Russia”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 87/HUM/2015

Igor I. Fedyukin, “From Passions To Ambitions: Human Nature And Governance From Peter I To The Emancipation Of The Nobility”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 86/HUM/2015

Margarita I. Kuleva, “Constructing Identities And Boundaries: Fashion And Clothing Of Working And Middle Class Youth In Contemporary Russia”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 85/HUM/2015  
Arseniy V. Khitrov, “Real Police And Fictional Police: A Study Of Public Perceptions Through Online Commentaries”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 84/HUM/2015 

Irina Savelieva, “Two-Faced Status Of History: Between The Humanities And Social Sciences”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 83/HUM/2015  

Andrei Vinogradov, “Some Notes On The Topography Of Eastern Pontos Euxeinos In Late Antiquity And Early Byzantium”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 82/HUM/2014 

Kira Ilina, “Academic Luck: General And Particular Scenarios Of Academic Attestation In Russia In The 1830s”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 81/HUM/2014

Anastasia V. Shalaeva, “Symbolism And Mythology Of The Ancients:  An Outline Of Georg Friedrich Creuzer’s Argument”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 80/HUM/2014

Varvara Kobyshcha, “Picture Without Frame: How Do We Recognize Aesthetic Objects?”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 79/HUM/2014  

Alexander S. Makhov, “Popular Knowledge Of The Past In Discussions On A City Online Forum”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 78/HUM/2014

Elena A. Vishlenkova, “To Invent Or Copy: Ethnic And Spatial Images Of The Pre-Photographical Epoch”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 77/HUM/2014 

Elena A. Kochetkova, “From Chips To Pulp In Minutes”: Innovations And Continuous Pulp Cooking In The Soviet Union In The 1940s-1950s”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 76/HUM/2014   

Anton K. Alexeev, “Shia-Sunni Interactions In Greater Cental Asia: Retrospective And Current States”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 75/HUM/2014

Svetlana A. Yatsyk, “Feudal Formulas In Love Lyrics Of William Ix Of Aquitaine”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 74/HUM/2014 

Maria A. Soloshcheva, “The "Conquest Of Qinghai" Stele Of 1725 And The Aftermath Of Lobsang Danjin’s Rebellion In 1723-1724”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 

Alexey V. Obraztsov, Irina V. Gaida, “Vasily Vasilievich Grigoryev: The Path Of A Russian Orientalist”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 72/HUM/2014 

Natalia Samutina, “Plastic Beach Utopia: Gorillaz’ Multimedia Concept Project In The Context Of Contemporary Popular Music Culture”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 71/HUM/2014

Svetlana Bankovskaya, “A Conception Of, And Experiments With “Heterotopia” As A Condition Of Stable, Unpurposive, Everyday Movement”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 70/HUM/2014

Alexey A. Pleshkov, “Master Or Servant: Language In Thomas Hobbes’ Political Philosophy”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 69/HUM/2014 

Yulia V. Gorbatova, “Malcolm’s Version Of The Ontological Argument: Several Questionable Aspects”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 68/HUM/2014

Igor Fedyukin, “Nobility, And Schooling In Russia, 1700s-1760s: Westernization Of An Elite As A Social Process”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 67/HUM/2014

Apollon Davidson, “Russian And British Historians On The Way To Mutual Understanding”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 66/HUM/2014  

Maya Lavrinovich, “The Sheremetev Almshouse In 1810–1812: Arranging A Modern Institution In A Pre-Modern Urban Society”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 65/HUM/2014

Milana Yu. Iliushina, “The Origins Of The Circassian Mamluks  A Subject Of Myth-Making”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 64/HUM/2014 

Sergey Matveev, “The Problem Of Sovereignty In The Liberal Conservatism Of François Guizot”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 63/HUM/2014

Nina V. Grigoreva
, “Legendary Ancestors, National Identity, And The Socialization Of Children In Contemporary Vietnam”, Series: Humanities, WP BRP 62/HUM/2014

Ekaterina O. Starikova, “Genres Of Call-And-Response Songs In Vietnam”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 61/HUM/2014

Alexei Gloukhov
, “Hellas, Multiplied By Communism”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 60/HUM/2014

Igor Fedyukin
, Salavat Gabdrakhmanov "Cultural capital in an early modern elite school: The Noble Cadet Corps in St Petersburg, 1732-1762",  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 59/HUM/2014

Iuliia Papushina " Post-soviet mass celebration and kul’turnost’: the survey of urban art festival “White nights in Perm - 2012”,  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 58/HUM/2014

Viktor Chkhaidze & Denis Kashtanov & Аndrey Vinogradov, "The Mysterious Seal Of Alexios Komnenos From Tamatarcha" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 57/HUM/2014

Boris K. Knorre, "Culture Of Guilt” In The Context Of “Empowerment” And “Oppression” Paradigms Of Post-Soviet Orthodoxy" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 56/HUM/2014

Elena B. Smilyanskaya, "Russian Warriors In The Land Of Miltiades And Themistocles: The Colonial Ambitions Of Catherine The Great In The Mediterranean" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 55/HUM/2014   

Alexandra Kolesnik, "Popular Culture And History: Representations Of The Past In British Popular Music Of The 2000s" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 54/HUM/2014

Victor V. Gorbatov, "Ontological Argument: Two-Dimensional Version" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 53/HUM/2014

Oksana Zaporozhets, "Becoming A Subway User: Managing Affects And Experiences" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 52/HUM/2014

Julia V. Ivanova, "Homo Animal Ambitiosum: Early Modern Theories Of Sociability Between Commerce And Metaphysics" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 51/HUM/2014

Igor Orlov, "The Soviet Union Outgoing Tourism In 1955-1985: Volume, Geography, Organizational Forms" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 50/HUM/2014

Evgeny Steiner, "Endlessly Variegated Pictures: A Pictorial Encyclopedia Of Old Japanese Life (An Introduction To Hokusai Manga’s Full Edition With Commentaries)" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 49/HUM/2014

Irina V. Sokhan, "Fast Food As An Actual Form Of Modern Gastronomic Culture" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 48/HUM/2014

Alexey V. Vdovin, "Literary Ethnography And Nationalism In The Imperial Russia: A Case Of The Naval Ministry 'Literary Expedition'"  Series: Humanities, WP BRP 47/HUM/2014

Kira Ilina, "The Academic Study In The 1990s And 2000s Of The History And Practice Of Awarding Academic Degrees And Titles In Russia" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 46/HUM/2014

Alsu Biktasheva, "Instructions For Staff Officers Of The Special Corps Of Gendarmes In Russia (1826 – 1836)" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 45/HUM/2014

Ivan A. Karpenko, "Question Of Consciousness: To Quantum Mechanics For The Answers" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 44/HUM/2014

Galina Babkova, "The Concept Of “Ugolovnoe Prestuplenie” (Criminal Offences) In The Penal Drafts Of Catherine II" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 43/HUM/2014

Anna S. Kimerling, "Political Campaigns Of The Stalin Period: Their Content, Peculiarities And Structure" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 42/HUM/2014

Arseniy Khitrov, "Representations Of The Police In Contemporary Russian Police Tv-Series" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 41/HUM/2014

Natalia A. Osminskaya, "Historical Roots Of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s Universal Science" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 40/HUM/2014

Kirill A. Levinson, "More than just tittles: a discussion concerning the germanization policy in early twentieth-century Prussia" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 39/HUM/2013

Diana Gasparyan, "Ignoramus et ignorabimus”? Does contemporary antiphysicalism have a positive program?" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 38/HUM/2013

Aleksandr Rusanov, "The continuity of university history: a case-study of portuguese studium generale (1288–1377)" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 37/HUM/2013

Sergey Matveev, "The middle class concept in François Guizot’s memoirs" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 36/HUM/2013

Olga Lyashevskaya, "Frequency dictionary of inflectional paradigms: core Russian vocabulary" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 35/HUM/2013

Irina Savelieva, "'Public history' as a vocation" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 34/HUM/2013

Daria Polivanova, "Grammatical properties of the dactylic ending in the poetry of Nikolay Nekrasov and Boris Pasternak" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 33/HUM/2013

Nina Dobrushina, "The verbless subjunctive in Russian" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 32/HUM/2013

Andrey Vinogradov, "A hidden feast cycle inside of a Christian apocrypha", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 31/HUM/2013

Oleg Voskoboynikov, "Idle and usefull curiosity from Peter Damiani to Dante" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 30/HUM/2013

Elena Vishlenkova, "Document preservation policy in Russian imperial universities" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 29/HUM/2013

Ekaterina Dyachenko, "Internationalization of academic journals: is there still a gap between social and natural sciences?" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 28/HUM/2013

Michael Daniel, "Issues in Khinalug syntax: building on corpus evidence" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 27/HUM/2013

Alexander Mikhailovsky, "Three principles of “political theology” in the Stefan George circle" , Series: Humanities, WP BRP 26/HUM/2013

Pavel Sokolov, "Scientific Fact between New Science and scienza nuova: Giambattista Vico’s factum and John Toland’s Matter of Fact" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 25/HUM/2013

Petr Rezvykh, "Debating ancient ordinances: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling and Count Sergey Semionovich Uvarov" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 24/HUM/2013. — 11 pp.

Irina Shilnikova, "Evolution of labour motivation for textile workers in soviet Russia (1918-1929): a microanalysis of archival data" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 23/HUM/2013

Yulia Kuvshinskaya, "Predicate agreement with the quantifier phrase with approximate quantity" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 22/HUM/2013

Apollon Davidson, "Russia and South Africa before the Soviet era" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 21/HUM/2013

Antonina Sharova, "Russia and Great Britain in the historian’s fate: Alexander Savin" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 20/HUM/2013

Vladimir Porus, "The choice of interpretation as a problem of social epistemology" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 19/HUM/2013

Kirill Chepurin, "The soul’s intensity and individuality in Hegel’s philosophy of spirit" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 18/HUM/2013

Ivan Boldyrev & Martin Kragh, "The fate of social sciences in Soviet Russia: the case of Isaak Il’ich Rubin" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 17/HUM/2013

Kirill Chepurin, "Geist, contingency and the future of God: Hegel and Meillassoux", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 16/HUM/2013

Alexander Dobrokhotov "The short happy life of Goethe’s Faust, or Hieros Gamos as the center of the tragedy", Series: Humanities, WP BRP 15/HUM/2013

Ivan Boldyrev & Olessia Kirtchik, "General equilibrium theory behind the iron curtain: the case of Victor Polterovich" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 14/HUM/2013

Irina Savelieva, "Cultural history: disciplinary borderlands in the time of border-scrapping" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 13/HUM/2013

Elena Vishlenkova & Kira Ilina, "University Archivists as Corporate Memory Agents in Nineteenth-Century Russia" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 12/HUM/2012

Vladimir Fayer, "Did Aristarchus of Samothrace Influence Homeric Vulgate?" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 11/HUM/2012

Elena Dragalina-Chernaya, "The logic of forbidden colours" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 10/HUM/2012

Yulia Gorbatova, "Omnipotence as a Perfection of God" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 09/HUM/2012

Julia Ivanova & Pavel Sokolov, "17th Century Political Cartesianism and Its Opponents, or Imaging the State from Point Fixe" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 08/HUM/2012

Mikhail Shumilin, "Invectives in the Renaissance scholarly debates: dialogue, polemics, or something else?" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 07/HUM/2012

Nikolai Karpov & Vera Sibirtseva & Dmitriy Bogdanov & Anna Dmitrieva & Elena Elian & Eugeniy Kleshnin & Markina Ekaterina & Teplukhina Tatiana & Lubov Violentova, "Development of modern electronic textbook of Russian as a foreign language: content and technology" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 06/HUM/2012

Ivan Boldyrev & Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, "Hegel’s “Objective Spirit” and its Contemporary Relevance for the Philosophy of Economics" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 05/HUM/2012

Jeanne Kormina, "Russian Saint under Construction: Portraits and Icons of Starets Nikolay" Series: Humanities, WP BRP 04/HUM/2012

Elena Vishlenkova, University deloproizvodstvo (clerical work) as a cultural practice and institution (Russia, first half of the 19th century). Sеries: Humanities, WP BRP 03/HUM/2012

Irina Savelieva, "In search of the new 'Turns': history and theory in the 21st century" Sеries: Humanities, WP BRP 02/HUM/2011

Yuri Zaretsky, "New questioning strategies for early Russian autobiographies" Sеries: Humanities, WP BRP 01/HUM/2011