IGITI researchers' articles in a new edited volume

Articles by IGITI Research Fellows Julia Ivanova and Pavel Sokolov were published in multi-authored monograph "History and Drama. The Pan-European Tradition", edited by Joachim Küpper, Jan Mosch, and Elena Penskaya. The monograph was published by De Gruyter and is available online.

"History and Drama. The Pan-European Tradition" is aimed at exploring the production of historico-political knowledge in literature and the intricacies of reality and fiction. The book's contributors are scholars from Germany, Austria, Russia, and the United States. Julia Ivanova's article is titled "Machiavelli’s Soteriology and the Humanist Quattrocento Dialogue", and Pavel Sokolov's, "Lucretia without Poniard: Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft’s Geeraerdt van Velsen between Livy and Tacitus".
"History and Drama. The Pan-European Tradition" is in open access.