A new article by Vladislav Yakovenko

Vladislav Yakovenko published an article in the journal "Problems of Social Hygiene, Healthcare and the History of Medicine" (in Russian).
An article by IGITI research assistant Vladislav Yakovenko, "Finance and Statistics in the Materials of the Commission of G.E. Rein," was published in the second issue of the journal "Problems of Social Hygiene, Healthcare and the History of Medicine" for 2020.


The article analyses financial and statistical aspects of materials from the Interdepartmental Commission for the Revision of Medical Legislation (the G. E. Rhein Commission). The brief analysis of structure, composition and mechanisms of functioning of the Commission is presented. The specificity of the Commission materials is discussed. The information sources are established which were used as background for statistical calculations of the Commission. The calculations themselves are briefly discussed. The particular attention is paid to methods of calculating financial losses in the Russian Empire due to diseases. The study focuses on state health statistics projects and on the financial foundations of the new health care system as well as on their perception by the participants of the Pirogov Society. The data obtained by the Commission was used for devising plans for optimization and centralization of health care, according to which sanitary statistics were to be subordinated to the state. However, financial support to local self-government bodies for sanitary needs was mentioned. Although the physicians from the Pirogov Society had critical attitude to most ideas of the Commission, in the matter of financing they were not only agreed upon with main proposals of the Commission but were also ready to go even further.