New article by Aleksei Pleshkov

The article “Eternity for Plato: The Dialogue between Parmenides and Timaeus” by Aleksei Pleshkov, was published in the book “Plato’s Parmenides. Selected Papers of the Twelfth Symposium Platonicum” (Academia Verlag, 2022).  

The volume, edited by Prof. Dr. Luc Brisson, Dr. Arnaud Macé, Dr. Olivier Renaut, brings together a selection of papers presented at the Platonicum XII Symposium on Plato’s Parmenides, July 15-19, 2019 in Paris. The book contains fifty essays that testify to the vitality and variety of Platonic studies of this difficult dialogue. It is divided into six sections that represent a path through the dialogue according to its most important articulations:

I. On the threshold of the Parmenides

II. Parmenides in context

III. Dialogue, dialectics, exercises

IV. The theory of forms

V. The hypotheses

VI. Parmenides and his Reception.

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